Work With Monique




Who is Monique Bradley?

Monique Bradley works with you to create promotional material that helps you get SEEN!

As a web TV host, Monique can interview or feature you, your business or brand as part of one of her existing shows, enabling you to be seen by her followers, while streaming that same content to your followers as well. This instantly gives you increased brand awareness and saturation across multiple platforms! Plus all content is available for on demand viewing.

Fancy your own show? Monique can also work with you to create your own show to be feature on your own platforms and on YOURFIX.TV    The great thing for you is that this is a cost effective way of having your own TV style show and even if you don’t have an audience, YOURFIX.TV does!

Monique can also host your event, MC or work with you to create, manage and promote your event, brands or products in real life or in the digital world.

To find out more contact Monique directly:


p: 021784021



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