Forever A Foodie

The (10)I’m a devoted foodie, having spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mum, Home Economics teacher, Helena. She encouraged me to cook and bake, sew, make crafts, create and perform and from a young age, my dream was to grow up and become ‘Alison Holst.’ To this day, that has still not happened, however, my love of food continues.

My father, Morris, a performer, motivational speaker and alternative health care professional was also an advocate for the idea that humanity should ‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine’, educating that conscious food choices, homeopathy and naturopathy were a worthy and credible alternative to traditional medicine.

8423b-17817636_207246693102916_987205053393666048_nI still live true to that philosophy and – as like many people, I’m pretty time poor, I’m always looking for ways to make food faster, easier and finding those little food hacks that make my choices healthier options.

Working with former Masterchef Judge Ray McVinnie has also been a great source of education. His view is that we should all eat REAL food, eat a wide variety, and keep away from trends.

My rules: Eat fresh. Eat local. Eat Seasonal and eat to your budget. Eat smaller portions and when it comes to your health, learn to listen to your body. It has all the answers.



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