Indian Business Fair & Fabuleux Vous

This is Helen Thompson Carter, a woman I totally respect and adore.
Helen is a wife and mother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a business woman, an entrepreneur and a heart attack survivor.
I worked with Helen on the Fabuleux Vous stand at the Indian Business Fair and had an absolute blast. She is thoughtful, kind, a networking powerhouse and a total visionary.
She also said that she would look after my friends. So head to her website: and use my name MONIQUE as the coupon code in the cart and you’ll get a gift.  Spend over $150 and your gift is an amazing ‘Colours Of Fabulous’ bracelet valued at $69!!!
Why wouldn’t you?
The jewellery is stunning, with a fashion range and a sterling silver range on offer, and every piece has been sooooooo beautifully thought out, it will bring you to tears.
Thanks Helen for sharing your story and your vision with the world.
You are truly amazing.

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