Styling Your Body Shape with Jan Turley

Styling Your Body Shape with Jan Turley

On today’s show, I had a visit from fashion expert Jan Turley from OBR Merino, one of NZ’s most loved Merino brands. Jan has worked in the fashion industry for many years, starting on the machines as a sewer at the age of 16, then moving up the ranks to become a fashion buy for some of our countries top brands, including Glassons!

Jan is the creative genius behind both OBR Merino and fashion label Baker Street – a label that was previously only found in relatively exclusive fashion stores and was in fact around when I was looking for an outfit for my 21st!

Jan’s range is great for me considering in my own weight loss journey I have literally been every body shape possible and have always found it really hard to shop!

IMG_7589Her philosophy is that you need 3 key pieces:

  • A fitted undergarment
  • A floaty chiffon layer
  • An overlayer: a cardigan, wrap or shrug

Your 3 key pieces should also be versatile enough to wear with other things: leggings and boots, jeans, a longer fitted dress underneath, floaty singlet etc.

Ideally, this forms the basis of your own capsule wardrobe that you can use to compliment all your other wardrobe pieces! 3 fab quality, easy to wear and easy care classically designed pieces that you’ll have for years to come!

Take a look at the styling tips in today’s show and if you want access to some of these AMAZING GARMENTS make sure you head to to find the best in merino, chiffon and organic japanese cotton garments on the market!!

And for access to this unique, hooded waterfall cardigan in the fines japanese cotton, called the ‘Monique’ Cardigan, message me directly!  It’s not available in stores or online!!  It’s been created for me!!!!!!!

**make sure you use the code MONIQUE in the checkout on their site so they know you’re a friend of mine XX**


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