via Instagram I had a facial today with Romina from Argentina! I’m not too proud to admit that I cried all the way there. Not because I knew I was about to get my moustache waxed (I’m not even kidding) but because I’d just got off the phone with someone who had been watching ‘Health Bites’- one of the shows I produce and host, and they were telling me what a profound effect the information had made in their life. It had positively affected them and their family and helped this one special soul find their purpose, to become a healer and natural medicine practitioner. I was so humbled by this so I cried with gratitude. Why? As a social broadcaster, I know I’m being a disruptor and oh my words…. the trolling I’ve endured!!!! Have you ever been in a position where you’ve been told to shut up? Felt disempowered because you didn’t or couldn’t use your voice? Yup, me too. However, I’ve learnt that my voice and my ability to speak for others, or helping others find confidence in using their own voice is my gift, and it’s been my greatest wish that somehow the content I share could reach out and help at least one person feel a little brighter, motivated, inspired or activated, while having a laugh. Today’s phone call where I heard the joy, excitement and gratitude in the voice of the person I was speaking with was confirmation that listening to my own inner voice and using my gift to broadcast the message of health and wellness to the world HAS made a difference and for that I’m truly humbled. Listen to YOUR inner voice. It knows the answers. And to that special soul who called me today (you know who you are), thank you for helping me achieve my purpose. #purpose #health #wellness #joy #gratitude

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