Building A Personal Branding

What is personal branding?

I trained as an actor. My job was to study characters or personalities to ensure I got buy in from an audience when it comes to believability. My job was to get the audience to believe in my character so fully that they trusted me enough to go on a journey with me throughout a show.  This comes from my understanding as an actor of ‘text and subtext’. The text is the words you say.  The subtext is about the underlying meaning. When both match, you created an authentic personal brand that people trust.

You know when someone says ‘of course I’m ok!’ and your gut is receiving a different message? That’s where the text does not match and creates a ‘facade’ of who you are.

News flash:


First: Let’s discuss what IS a personal brand?


So what happens when you get your personal branding RIGHT?


When your personal brand is attractive, customers, clients, vendors, press and even companies looking to hire, will find you and reach out to you. I’ve been head hunted for events and gigs



When you have a compelling personal brand, people find you interesting and desirable, so they are willing to connect with you. I get dozens of new Linkedin and Twitter connections every day. People look at my profiles, follow me and want to know more about me.


People often say to me: I had to meet with you because you are everywhere!


I still have clients and connections from when I was working in a back, when I owned a performing arts school, people who followed me as a singer AND they still follow me now. And many have been repeat clients


84 percent of hiring managers use social media to hire — 96 percent use Linkedin, and 53 percent use Twitter.


A powerful personal brand doesn’t only benefit you professionally. When you are interesting and people can find and notice you, they will connect with you on a personal level. It happens to me all the time!


I’ve turned up to places and had people say: Oh YOU’RE Monique Bradley!  You do this, and this and this…..!!! Good timing.


Developing your personal brand requires you to find your authentic voice.

The process of creating one develops who you are — the unique you –SO let’s start that journey NOW! 

So: how do you do that? Here’s some great questions to consider.

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And finally, here’s some wise words from AMAZING people.

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So: how is your personal brand going?  Do your text and subtext match?

Stay fabulous,


PS: Here’s a great download for you that covers tips on building a personal brand AND aligning personality with purpose.  Download it and give it a go!  M

Branding Exercise – personality and purpose (1)



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