Remember Your Inner Child

Kids have got it sorted. This is Ted Party Animal and Happy Dog. These guys live a pretty happy life. They keep it real. They keep it chilled. When I was a kid, Ted used to co-host my imaginary TV shows with me and now he co-hosts some of my real shows.
The reason for this post today is that often, when we’re kids, we’ve already got it sorted. We’ve worked out who we are and what we’re going to do with our lives, until the voices of others get in and tell us a different story: those voices that get so loud, they drown out our own inner voice that says ‘you can be a rock star’….. ‘you can be a tennis champ’…. ‘you can be whatever you want to be, for you are great!’
I’ve been talking to heaps of people lately who have said the same thing: that they’ve had a career based on what they thought they should do, rather than what they dreamed…or after 20+ years of ‘average’ they’ve finally come back to what their child self already knew they could be.
I’m grateful I found my way back and that’s why I love my baes. Thanks for keeping it real boys. #child #joy #happy #passion #purpose #tv #livestream #liveyourdreams

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