via Instagram This lime was the size of my hand. Tasty as and full of juice. I tried this on Niue Island which was a mind altering experience for me. Adventures completely out of my comfort zone and an opportunity to face some of my biggest food fears. Life changing and inspiring. You know when life gives you lemons over and over again? What happens when it gives you a lime? What do you do when you’re so used to always getting lemons and suddenly, through making one tiny change, you get a lime? So you’ve lived a life of the same scenarios and got the same results, until one change triggers a sequence of ripples that become life changing episodes. My suggestion on how to cope? Celebrate. Celebrate and acknowledge that you’ve had the balls to make a change, no matter how big or how small. Celebrate as it’s acknowledging that your change was worth it. Celebrate because it’s a reminder that even if a thousand doors closed, one opened. Celebrate because you were brave. While I love lemons, I’m ready for limes. #glutenfree #fruit #dairyfree #inspiration #life #change #liveyourdreams

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