Beautiful Niue: ‘Nowhere Like Us’.

When I heard that we were heading to Niue Island with Ray McVinnie, I was both excited and scared.  Excited as I love to travel – scared as I’m not really your classic outdoorsy kind of gal.

Think lush green rainforest……..27 degree heat…….unrivalled views of the aqua blue ocean……and crabs that climb trees. This is Niue. Untouched, unspoilt and an adventure seekers wonderland.

Now when I say ‘adventure’, if you’re a bit challenged when it comes to venturing off the beaten track, don’t panic. Even I survived a trek into the rainforest and loved it.

Their native crab is a coconut crab called ‘Uga’, who scales trees in the rainforest and looks like something out of Alien.  While I’m horrendously arachnophobic and had watched videos of them before arriving on the Island, actually being in their presence was somewhat amazing. These giant, crusty, spider-looking creatures were as scared of us, as I was of them, and would scuttle off into the distance as soon as they sensed our presence.

Holding one was even more awesome.  Yes, it happened.

Our tour guide – Tony – was knowledgeable, calm and shared insights about the environment, how to eat, and make the most of what was around us. Accompanied by young son Max, 9, also an expert Uga hunter, this adventure will stay with me for 2 reasons: 1. for the reminder that the world we live in is truly magical and 2. I am braver and stronger than I thought. Win.

Go for the experience. Go for the natural environment. Go for the beautiful local people you will meet. Go for something that isn’t the cliche high end day spa and over priced commercial boutiques. Go to disconnect from the 24/7 stressful lifestyle and find your inner zen.

Watch the dolphins play in the ocean as you sit on your own private balcony and let your cares drift away.  That is Niue.

Thanks to Rae from the Niue Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to the Island.

Thanks also to the Scenic Matavai Resort for hosting us.

Thanks Ray McVinnie for delivering stellar classes on the Island and to Pete Ward from YourFixTV for broadcasting the first EVER Live Streamed show from Niue to the rest of the world.

For more information visit:



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