via Instagram Hmmm which one to wear for the live stream with @raymcvinnie tonight? At least my next 2 days of filming outfits are SORTED!!! It’s nice to have my colours sorted and accessories planned so I can grab an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning! Red with jet beads and rose gold from @fabuleuxvousltd and blue with sterling silver. The necklace on the right has hearts on one side and on the other side it says ‘she believed she could, so she did.’ This is the story of my life. Go out and achieve greatness. If you believe you can, you will. Thanks @janturleynz for the gorgeous garments from #simplybeautiful and @helentc121 for the beautiful bling. I love supporting women in business. You ladies and your stories inspire me to keep on kicking butt and sharing the love. Thank you. X #love #shopping #clothes #style #classic #elegant #socialbroadcasting #masterchef #tv

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