Beating The Blues And Finding Happy


Beating The Blues And Finding Happy

Hi, it’s Monique here.

We all know those days: we feel unmotivated, want to stay in bed or simply just feel like we hate the world.  As bubbly as I am, I still have those days (particularly pre-coffee) and to be honest, when we’re stressed, over committed, feel undervalued, give to much, haven’t been great with our nutrition, had too much coffee and not enough sleep, things can kind of, well….mount up.

Here’s a few ideas from me on how I beat the blues and find my way back to happy.

  1. Talk. If it get’s to the point where grey day blends into grey day, PLEASE talk to someone or get professional help. Feeling ‘Meh’ for an extended period of time could be a symptom of something else going on, so talk to someone.
  2. Hydrate. If you’re feeling like trash and a little anxious, have a glass of water. For me there’s something calming in it.  It may work for you.
  3. Breathe. If you’re in a state of overwhelm and you have to face clients or just generally interface with humans and don’t want to look like a crazy loony, BREATHE – not upper chest, but deep down into your belly.  Your breathing does not control you – YOU can control your breathing.
  4. Be mindful. Focus on a drama and watch it grow. Change your focus and watch it drift away – or at least the tirade of emotion that’s associated with the incident.  It’s the same as a toddler who falls over and cries.  How many times do you see parents soothing the child by pointing out ‘the beautiful butterfly over there…’ As the child re-focusses on the butterfly, their attention moves from the physical pain and the tears stop. According to science, it’s to do with the brains ability to process data.  If you’re feeling like the fallen toddler, CHANGE YOUR FOCUS IMMEDIATELY. Go for a img_3055walk. Be mindful. Find something beautiful around you. YOU CAN DO IT! It’s a conscious choice.
  5. Practice gratitude. I have gratitude questions that, when I practice them (yes, I’m human so I need to remind myself of this too) help me calm into my ‘Zen’ place and feel a darn sight happier. I have added them at the bottom of this blog for you to look at. You can even do them with your kids, if you have them. It’s amazing the wisdom that comes out of young mouths.

Now I’m certainly no doctor, but I can hand on heart say that these techniques work for me. Again, if you’re really feeling down and struggling, talk to a professional. Finding happy is achievable.  I speak from experience.



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