Creating More Space In Your Living Room


Creating More Space In Your Living Room

monique-1So recently, I’ve been doing some work with the amazing people and products at ifurniture. I love the store: it’s the biggest in NZ and loaded with amazing furniture pieces that suit every budget.

As I live in a small apartment, one of the things that have been a  god-send is the fact that the walls are light. Light walls create an illusion of space, and on a sunny day, the light pours into the ‘almost’ lounge in our house, bounces around and gives the room a more spacious feel.

From my research and chats with interior decorators, it’s all about illusions. Light creates the illusion of space. The same rule applies to your furniture, carpets, drapes and all your GOMERA-Sideboard-1.jpgaccessories. Chances are if you’re in a smaller space like me, darker furniture will make the space seem a little more cluttered or even claustrophobic!  Darker pieces can look amazing in a huge, already ‘light filled’ place that, during sunny days can be almost blinding!! It’s all about the balance.

At ifurniture, one of the sets I loved is called the Gomera range.  I loved it for it’s clean lines, slightly rustic vibe and the fact that it brings a lot of light into the room. HOWEVER, the darker tops on the pieces provide aesthetic balance and give the furniture a solid, grounded feel. And from my basic understanding of decorating, as they have pieces for all around the house in the same range, it brings coherency to your home, again creating a more spacious vibe.

Here’s the video we put together about the furniture range. Take a look as the storage piece on the left is amazing!

FYI: I didn’t get paid to write this blog about this furniture. I genuinely love it and want to share that love with all of you!

Happy shopping!

Monique X



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