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Who Is Monique Bradley?

27ab4-23668045_157413441670948_232431058690244608_nOften the first thing I hear from people is either: ‘Oh you’re the women who lost 40 kilos’ OR ‘Oh I wish I could say that like you did!’ and yes, I have lost 40 kilos and using my voice, aside from cooking, is what I love to do most.

I started professional voice coaching when I was just 8 years old and my expertise is in the art of storytelling.  I have a degree in theatre and film, a post grad in film and TV production and I love sharing the stories of brands and businesses in a compelling and authentic way that inspires or activates people to make a change in their lives.

After years of MC work, sales and promotions and working as a host of a TV shopping channel, I love the art of the sale and giving people the information they need to know to make an informed decision.

When it comes to health, well where do I start?! Having lived half of my life as a 22050023_1089827794453004_8846878595460073781_n (2)morbidly obese person, trying every diet and failing abysmally, my personal mission is to share how you can achieve health and wellness, without dieting! Yes, it’s actually true. To do this, every week I demonstrate amazing new recipes that satisfy cravings and serve your body via Live Streamed TV style shows. I figured it’s the perfect combination of my professional skills and training, mixed in with my passion for helping people look and feel great!

SO: If you don’t know how to say something, what to write or how to promote it, OR if you’re ready for the ultimate transformation without dieting, I can either teach you, train you or create a plan for you! Wan’t better words and compelling content? Want a happier healthier life? I’m your gal.

TV presenter, avid foodie, lover of shopping, bargain hunter, happiness junkie, singer,  and educator, Monique Bradley is on a constant journey to find how to make life easier.

Easy Living with Monique Bradley is a show for YOU! Click on the pictures to go to my new website where you will find great tips and tricks about food, living and lifestyle and new ideas that are easy to achieve and will rock your world!! 


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